Parts, Service and Performance for your German car

Tool Kits & Tool Sets

Schwaben makes some very unique job specific tool kits and tool sets for the German car owner. From our Brake Piston Tool Kit that one could use on just about any new car on the road, to our Metric Thread Repair Kit that will repair damaged threads. These tool sets and kits become invaluable to the any person that wants to maintain their European automobile.

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Schwaben 12 Piece Universal Terminal Removal Tool Set

Electrical connector removal tool.

Schwaben 13-Piece Alternator Tool Set

Pulley removing tools for Bosch type alternators.

Schwaben 19-Piece Flywheel Lock Down Tool

Flywheel lock down tool used to secure the crankshaft from rotating.

Schwaben 3-Piece Pry Bar/Seal Puller Set

Extreme high quality pry bar/seal puller set. Sells for over $200 on the tool trucks!