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Specialty Services

Precision Brake Rotor Grinding

Unlike conventional brake machining that uses a lathe, our process uses a precision grinder specifically designed for grinding brake rotors back to factory specification and finish. This process is most beneficial for expensive rotors found on high end sports cars and exotics because unlike conventional brake lathes our equipment can machine rotors that are drilled and/or slotted restoring a factory like finish.

As a general guide we usually take off between 0.010” and 0.050” depending on the condition of the surface and the amount of warping. About 10% of warped rotors will warp again after the machining process, this is due to defects in the base metal or poor quality materials.

We offer sameday service on most brake rotors that are dropped off before 10am.

  • Up to 10” $60 each, includes media blasting mounting surfaces if necessary
  • 10.1” to 11” $85 each
  • 11.1” to 13” $100 each
  • 13.1” to 15” $125 each
  • 15.1” and up are priced on a case by case basis.
  • Two piece rotors are not usually a problem but “free floating” rotors cannot be machined without some additional work. These type of rotors require a special fixture or adapter to be made for the specific bolt pattern of the ring. If we get a commitment for enough of a certain bolt pattern we will have the adapters made.

Dual Mass Flywheel grinding

Along with our brake grinding service we also offer flywheel refinishing. We are very excited to offer refinishing of “Most” Dual Mass Flywheels. As far as we know we are the only ones doing this! We have developed our own process for the machining of DMF’s that doesn’t involve any disassembly and gives great results. Because so many have said it can’t be done we have done extensive testing for the last 2 years to be sure the process works in the real world. We are happy to report that we have had 100% success on our test vehicles and we feel we have done enough varied types that we are ready to announce that we can offer the service to our customers and other shops. It is worth noting that sometimes it is necessary to replace a DMF because it has failed, we cannot repair a DMF that is internally damaged, but can help assess the condition of the flywheel when it is dropped off for service. We offer 24 hour turnaround but in some cases might be able to do same day. Pricing is $110 for single mass or one-piece flywheels and starts at $205 for Dual Mass, with prices up to $350 for some that require special preparation before machining.

VW/Audi Authorized Independent Repair Shop with dealer level diagnosis and programming

We are an Authorized Independent Repair Shop for VW and Audi and have full access to their factory repair and diagnostic equipment. This allows us to program and initialize modules, swap or replace control modules, replace instrument clusters, remove component protection, supply and program keys. Literally anything the dealer can do, because we are using the same tool and have authorized access to their secure information.

We also have specialized equipment to swap Immobilizer coding or delete the immobilizer on Bosch ME7 and MED15 ECU’s for engine swaps etc.

BMW diagnosis and programming

As an authorized Autologic shop we can do most programming and diagnosis on BMW and Mini vehicles with only a few exceptions. If you need control module software updates give us a try, we can handle almost anything you would need to get done at the dealer.

Please call or email with any specific questions to 403.243.9661 or