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Calgary Autoworks Oil Change Service for your VW, Audi, Porsche and BMW



Come in for an oil and filter change and we will give your car a complete mechanical inspection for no additional charge.

Here's what we will do:

  • Inspect suspension system for worn or damaged components

  • Inspect steering components for wear and damage

  • Inspect wheels and tires for damage and abnormal wear

  • Inspect emissions and exhaust systems for proper function

  • Inspect cabin air filter

  • Inspect engine air filter

  • Inspect engine for leaks

  • Inspect engine and transmission mounts

  • Check all exterior lights

  • Check heater and A/C function

  • Check power steering fluid for level and condition

  • Check brake fluid for moisture content and level

  • Check engine coolant for level and condition

  • Check battery condition

  • Check alternator

  • Check brakes and measure wear

  • Check parking brake function

Oil and Filter Change includes

  • OEM Filter and Motul or Liqui-Moly Synthetic oil
  • Meets or exceeds your vehicle manufacturer specification to keep your warranty valid
  • Full vehicle inspection by a certified technician

Does your car have the dreaded "CEL" or Check Engine Light on?


If so, you could be getting poor fuel efficiency or worse, it could cause engine damage if left unrepaired. It might be something simple, either way we will let you know what’s going on. Bring your car in for a full scan and diagnosis that includes up to one half hour of labour.


Full vehicle scan of all control units - $65

** If you’d rather not wait you can leave your car with us for the day and take advantage of our shuttle service to and from the 39 th Ave C-train station.

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