Parts, Service and Performance for your German car


At Calgary Autoworks, we employ licenced service technicians with specific experience in European and high performance vehicles.

General Service

Calgary Autoworks provides premium general service. We maintain up to date diagnostic equipment and tools for European and import vehicles. In addition, our technicians are known in Calgary for their diagnostic ability and their knowledge of European makes and models. This allows us to solve your problem quickly and get you back on the road.

Custom Fabrication and Service

Calgary Autoworks has proven to be a leader in custom fabrication for performance vehicles. With more than 15 years of experience in this area, we are able to offer custom engine builds, turbo charging, super charging, tig welding, suspension tuning and dyno tuning. If you have any questions about how these automotive applications can improve your ride, don't hesitate to ask, we'll be happy to offer our expertise.

Service Type Rate
Mechanical General Service $159.00 /hr
  Electronic Diagnostics, All Types $159.00 /hr
  Electrical Installations, All Types $159.00 /hr
  Engine Building, Blueprinting $159.00 /hr
  Suspension Tuning $159.00 /hr
  Air Conditioning System Re-Charge $220.00 Flat Rate
  Alignment Check $65.00 Flat Rate
  4 Wheel Alignment $189.00 Flat Rate
   - additional charges for some vehicles    
Inspections General Inspection $159.00 /hr
  Pre-Purchase Inspection $159.00 /hr
  Insurance Inspection $159.00 Flat Rate
Tires 60+ Series Side Profile Mount & Balance $35.00 Each
  50/55 Series Side Profile Mount & Balance $35.00 Each
  45 Series Side Profile Mount & Balance $35.00 Each
  40 Series Side Profile Mount & Balance $45.00 Each
  35 Series Side Profile Mount & Balance $60.00 Each
  Wheel Balancing $25.00 Each
Fabrication Intakes & Exhaust Systems, TIG welded $159.00 /hr
  General Machining $159.00 /hr
  Chassis Modifications $159.00 /hr