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Pliers & Pullers

Schwaben has two application specific pliers that are a must have for any do-it-yourselfer. Our Fuel Line Pliers are great for removing the newest design of fuel lines and our adjustable Oil Filter Pliers can handle just about any size spin-on type oil filters.

Schwaben coil pack removal tools are job specific tools that allow the end user to properly remove the delicate coil packs from there suction hold in the cylinder heads. Using just any old tool to remove these expensive coil packs will most likely result in damaging them. Schwaben’s solution is to provide the right tools for these job specific applications to make the otherwise impossible job go much smoother and faster.

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Schwaben 3-Piece Pry Bar/Seal Puller Set

Extreme high quality pry bar/seal puller set. Sells for over $200 on the tool trucks!

Schwaben 8-Piece Wiper Arm Extractor Set

Model specific wiper arm removal kit.

Schwaben Fuel Line Pliers

Pliers for removing fuel line clips on late model cars.

Schwaben Ignition Coil Pack Remover

This tools allows the end user to properly remove these delicate coil packs from their suction hold in the cylinder heads.