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Schwaben 13-Piece Alternator Tool Set

Pulley removing tools for Bosch type alternators.
products.manufacturer: Schwaben Tools
products.sku: SC-BTA-13PCS

Most modern Bosch alternator pulleys are a clutch type that require special tools to remove it from the alternator shaft. Most re-manufactured alternators do not come with a pulley so it needs to be removed from your old unit and installed on your new one. Without tools specially designed for this type of job it is literally impossible to remove the pulley from the shaft or even install a clutch type pulley.


  • ALTERNATOR: T50 X 113mm(L), M10 X 113mm(L)
  • 2PC TEETH SOCKET: 15mm HEX X 33 TEETH, 22mm HEX X 33 TEETH
  • 1PC 22mm HEX SOCKET
  • 1PC 1/2"DR. SQ.(F) X 10mm HEX(F) BIT ADAPTER
  • 6PC 10mm(HEX SHANK) X 75mm(L)
  • CR-V BIT: T40, T50, M8, M10, H8, H10