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Schwaben 19-Piece Flywheel Lock Down Tool

Flywheel lock down tool used to secure the crankshaft from rotating.
products.manufacturer: Schwaben Tools
products.sku: SC-PTK-19PCS

A quality took kit in a stamped metal box that will give you years of great service and save you countless headaches. Blow molded interior lets you see if anything is missing at a glance. This kit includes camshaft locking plate, balancer shaft locking pin, top dead center location pin, camshaft locking pins, 10 different cam locking tools, and flywheel holding tools.  Everything you need to keep your drive train solid during service.  

Includes adapters for the following vehicles:

- VW/Audi/Porsche
- Ford
- Honda/Acura
- Mazda
- Mitsubishi
- Vauxhall/Opel
- Land Rover
- Citroen
- Subaru
- Renault
- Saab