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Schwaben 12 Piece Universal Terminal Removal Tool Set

Electrical connector removal tool.
products.manufacturer: Schwaben Tools
products.sku: SC-CE-70-2

12 Piece Universal Terminal Removal Tool Set

This 12 piece kit enables proper removal of electrical connectors in plastic terminals. Without the use of proper tools, connectors cannot be removed without damaging the harness. This universal kit includes the following Terminal Release Tools:

CE-01+11 (Ejection tools for contact sizes 1.5mm with dismantling sleeves)

CE-02+12 (Ejection tools for contact sizes 3.5mm with dismantling sleeves)

CE-05+15 (Ejection tools for contact sizes 2.3mm with dismantling sleeves)

CE-53 (Cable extractor tool for plugs with one release channel 2.8 and 5.8mm)

CE-56 (Cable extractor tool for Micro-Timer II, III contacts 1.6mm)

CE-59 (Cable extractor tool for Maxi-Power Timer contacts 9.5mm)

CE-62 (Cable extractor tool for Pit-Pod contacts)

CE-74 (Cable extractor tool for Micro-Timer I contacts and ABS plug-in housing 1.6mm)

CE-91 (Cable extractor tool for plugs with two release channels 2.8 and 5.8 mm)