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Schwaben Timing Belt Tensioner Adjustment Tool - 15* Offset

Tensioner Adjustment Tool for VW/Audi Engines with 2-pin adjuster.
$21.95 $22.95

Schwaben Torque Socket Set

Set includes 17mm, 19mm and 21mm impact sockets in a custom blow molded case.

Schwaben Triple Square Head Bolt Socket - 10mm

Specialty Tool for Volkswagen/Audi cylinder heads.

Schwaben Twin Arm Puller

Includes multiple interchangeable arms for use on many different applications.

Schwaben V6 Cam Locking Tool Kit

Cam locking tool kit for 12v and 30v V6 engines.

Schwaben VAG Cam Chain Tensioner Locking Tool

Used to remove tension on a cam chain adjuster.