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REVO Technik

The Revo Technik philosophy, Tuning for Audi / VW / Porsche

Revo Technik is the industry world leader in terms of technology, features, and value. Their aftermarket products incorporate the ability to run a variety of engine performance modes, disable the vehicle completely where necessary, and in some cases make minute changes specific to a customer vehicle. All of this is done by working with, instead of against, the original vehicle systems. The vehicle can be completely returned to its original state at any time.

Revo Technik is the answer for the customer who wants the most from their car without any sacrifice in drivability. Revo Technik's tuning is at the forefront in terms of performance, efficiency and smoothness. All our software is tuned to maximise the performance of your car safely, within the tolerances of the cars engine and hardware. Increased development is done on all areas of the program to ensure Revo software gives you the best performance and more importantly the most enjoyable 'drive' from your car.

Most Revo software is programmed through the vehicles Serial Port. This allows us to reprogram you're vehicle without lifting the bonnet (hood), and will be downloaded into your factory ECU in just over 10 minutes!

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