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Carbonetic Clutches


CARBONETIC utilizes carbon composite materials exclusively designed for application to clutches, LSDs and gears for the racing enthusiast.

In 2001, Across successfully released a state-of-the-art line of carbon clutches to the automotive marketplace. Today, these continually evolving carbon clutches and carbon LSDs, under the brand name of CARBONETIC, are considered to be standard tuning gear in the automotive market, as they present appreciable benefits to the end user in performance, controllability and cost effectiveness. Following ongoing technological improvements and refinements, CARBONETIC offers a distinctive and diversified lineup of carbon composite products to the dedicated racer and marketplace.

Calgary Autoworks is an authorized dealer of Carbonetic clutches and LSD products.

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Carbonetic Blade Carbon Clutch

This is performance Carbon technology at an entry level price.
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Carbonetic Single Plate Carbon Clutch

Carbonetics single clutch model is designed for the use in regular and light tuned vehicles.
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Carbonetic Triple Plate Carbon Clutch

This clutch is ideally suited to high powered race, road, drift and drag applications. Radically cost effective in the long term.
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Carbonetic Twin Plate Carbon Clutch

This dynamic clutch series for high-power tuning (500-900 HP) and delivers powerful transmission performance.
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