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Black Fittings

While you are either cruising down the street in your show car or terrorizing the track with your race car you will be able to rest assured that your fitting will not leak or fail.

Black series AN Fittings are the highest quality out there. These aerospace quality fittings were designed to be by far the best fittings the industry has ever seen. With many styles of fittings ranging from
swivel hose end, push lock, weld bungs and adapters we have pretty much everything you would ever need. Unlike many other fittings out there these fitting are very easy to install and will save you many headaches from struggling with their difficult unnecessary tight hose ends.

Our fittings have such a wide variety of couplers & fittings, you can imagine a plumbing job that you couldn't use them on. The couplers are available for male-to-male, female-to-female, and male-to-female thread in AN and NPT versions. Performance World even makes swivel-to-swivel couplers, to make routing line a snap.